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Miss Sarah H

Toddler Assistant + PreK Lunch

Miss Sarah H started with Children's Workshop as a parent in 2018 and served on the Board for 2 years before joining the CW team in 2023. Her two boys, Charley and Rory, were students at CW from Toddlers to Pre-k in 2018-2025. Sarah received a BA from Western Michigan University in 2008 in Anthropology/Archaeology. After graduating, she traveled around the Midwest doing some awesome archaeological digs. She then took some time off to be with her boys. Now, Sarah is taking on a new adventure sharing her enthusiasm for art and science with children.


In Sarah's spare time, you'll find her watching her boys at various sporting events, gushing over dogs especially Golden Retrievers, being outside either at home, poolside or on the golf course, or hanging out with her fun neighbor, Miss Mallory.

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